80% of the human population in North America lives in urbanized areas. Green infrastructure makes cities livable, and Arbor Drone is committed to maximizing the benefits of green infrastructure for people and cities.


Our Mission

Arbor Drone is dedicated to pushing the technology envelope to drive urban forestry and green infrastructure forward. 

Arbor Drone performs services at several scales to meet your needs: property, landscape, and city-wide. 

Orchard and vineyard health assessments, irrigation efficiency

Orchard and vineyard health assessments, irrigation efficiency

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment

Inspections, bids, risk assessment

Aerial inspections of one or many trees for tree work, bids, risk management, encroachment into solar access zones, or construction.  All flights by an insured FAA Certified Remote Pilot. Still images or video. 

landscape-scale management and monitoring

Assessment, monitoring, and mapping of large landscapes for Special Districts, Homeowner Associations, private and public entities. Turf management, tree health assessment, fire mitigation, and accurate aerial mapping for the landscape industry.

Tree and landscape monitoring and assessment at the landscape scale

Tree and landscape monitoring and assessment at the landscape scale

Infrared image of urban parkland

Infrared image of urban parkland

large-scale Pest detection and monitoring, inventories, Utility vegetation management 

Arbor Drone is at the cutting edge of aerial urban forestry.

Arbor Drone has successfully completed a first-of-its-kind aerial project to detect and monitor Emerald Ash Borer in Denver, Colorado, USA, with several important, game-changing outcomes.

We expect to scale this project up to provide city- or region-wide services at unprecedented flexibility and resolution. We currently are scheduling fights in urban areas to expand our datasets to find more pests and disease. Arbor Drone is also partnering to develop unique processes and workflows for Utility Vegetation Management.



We also provide


  • Imagery and video for your project
  • Drone workshops for your employees
  • Public speaking for your education
Unique urban forestry perspectives

New perspectives on urban forestry and landscape management

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Aerial imagery for your business

Filoli by Arbor Drone II.jpg

See a different side of your property

Lauher Property aerial photograph by Arbor Drone.jpg

See what others can't

Construction mapping inspections

Track your restoration project accurately
in near-time